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Are you ready for your


“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

-Nora Ephron



Vanaf het eerste telefoongesprek tot de dag van de fotoshoot zelf wordt jij begeleid. Persoonlijke verzorging, kleding tips, gezamelijk samenstellen van een inspiratie moodboard voor jouw ideale boudoir experience


Wij streven ernaar om de beste foto’s van jou te maken die cover waardig zijn. Daar hoort styling bij maar ook haar en make-up verzorgd door een van mijn haar en make-up stylisten. De kleding doen wij samen in overleg met jouw wensen.


Om deze dag te herinneren wil je natuurlijk de foto’s hebben. Er zijn diverse pakketen waar je uit kan kiezen. Meest gekozen is een luxe fotoalbum maar er kan ook gekozen worden voor losse foto’s of wallart.

Boudoir experience

A wonderful gift to yourself

Feeling like a woman, intensely enjoying a day all to yourself and seeing that reflected in your boudoir portraits.

It's like a gift to yourself that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. That's a lucky moment. My boudoir photo shoots are mostly about you. About the inner strength that you as a woman have always had and of which it is time to show it. It is your moment to shine and feel fantastic. In the end you will fall in love again with the woman you see in your photos and be impressed every time again by her as a beautiful person!

Depicted beauty video wall

Body Liberation

Accepting who you are is an important part of self-development. This is not just what you look like, but includes everything from your personality to sexuality and all the other things that make you 'you'. This is especially relevant if the social messages you receive are not in accordance with how you see yourself. We do not always feel positive about our bodies.

 Which is okay. New terms like #BodyLiberation and #BodyNeutrality are now trending, where people accept that they can't always be their own cheerleader, while still being more than what their physical form looks like. With a boudoir experience I try to show my clients that regardless of their physical shape, they still look beautiful.



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Depicted Beauty VIP ladies lounge​

If you want to know more about depicted beauty and female empowerment and get in touch with like-minded women, join our facebook group. Share your boudoir experience or ask about the experiences of those who have already experienced it.

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